Best tablet 2014 | list of best tablets 2014 and new tablets 2014

Are you looking for best tablet 2014? Well, I’ve made a list of best tablets 2014 here. You will get various types of new tablets 2014 with a range of innovative features and technology.  To find out what customers think about the top tablets 2014 which is being developed at this time, you can read the customer tablet reviews 2014 on each product.

Well, the following is a list of the best tablets this year. Get info on the best prices and customer review now.


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The benefits of the tablet for my son

Today I’m back to feeling the benefits of a tablet. When we were traveling my son always bring tablets to participate. He never forgot to take the tablets before we left. Thanks to the existence of this tablet, so my son is not too tired to wait when I’m doing a queue, waiting in the car wash or waiting at the hospital.

There are many toys that I have installed on my tablet. I get the toy for free from Google Play. Now to get the toy is easier and more enjoyable than the first. Back when I was a kid we had to buy every toy that we want. One of gadgets typically provides one or two toys. If we want another toy so we have to buy another gadget. At that time the toy is quite popular is Gamewatch, Nintendo and Atari.

Currently my son can get whatever toy he wants because Google Play provides for the Android Operating System. That’s the advantage I get for having a tablet. If currently you are looking for a tablet, I have made a list of best tablets 2014 on this site.

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The need for a protective cover for the tablet

When buying Acer tablet for my son, I also bought the cover as well. This I do so that the tablets remain durable and protected from impact. But it was different with my son wishes. Turns out he is more like a tablet if it does not have to be installed the cover so that he could hold easier. I certainly do not agree. Then I explain to him, why this tablet should be installed protective cover. And I also explained that if he could take care of the tablets well then he can continue to play with this tablet.

And it turns out it was really great tablet covers benefits. Once haste, my son dropped the tablet from its handle. The Tablets fell to the floor and suffered a collision hard enough. If without using a protective cover, I’m sure the tablet was already destroyed. Thanks to the protective cover, the tablet was being kept safe and undamaged.

So if you want to buy a tablet, it would not hurt if you also buy a protective cover for the tablet. Maybe it will feel less comfortable when the tablet is using a protective cover, but rest assured, your tablet will be protected from impact and is more durable.

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Various types of tablets on the market

Are you looking for a cool tablet for your needs? Well, today has been popping up a lot of tablets on the market. Various new brands started popping up with the most expensive price range to the cheapest. Recently I saw some of the tablet with the latest features that sold under $ 100. This indicates that the tablet market continues to increase and growing middle class. With a relatively cheap price, of course, the tablet market will become more widespread and affordable by all levels of society.

As a tablet user, I can feel the benefits of this gadget because of its compact. I find it easier to bring the tablet wherever I go I carry than a laptop. Actually I was a laptop user. Laptops and tablets using different operating systems. Fortunately there are some applications that can run on android system on a tablet. Thus I can use the tablet to finish my work.

So if you need a tablet, there are many options that can be found in the market today. Please choose according to your needs and budged.

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Toys with e-connected features

Children’s toys continue to evolve over time. If the first toy presents the simple thing on the concept and form, toy now has expanded into a complex technology. The role of technology is huge here. Technology makes the toy into a tool that is more real with the real function anyway.

Tablet is a gadget that is intended for adults. But it has now been made a special tablet that also provided for the children. Nowadays we can find LeapFrog LeapPad and Kurio 4S Touch as a tablet aimed at children. Both of these tablets using the internet connection. Well, here are some of the toys with the e-connected features favored by children this year.

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Short review on SAMSUNG GALAXY MINI S4

best tablets 2014Samsung has proved his skill in cellphone and tablet quality. That is why today many gadget users who put his attention on the Samsung. They were satisfied with the range of features and severity of Samsung.

One super mini tablet that I want to discuss this time is made by Samsung. SAMSUNG GALAXY MINI S4. This gadget comes with a 4.3 “Super AMOLED touchscreen multitouch capative who have with 16,000,000 colors. To run the system this tablet uses Android 4.2.2 Jellybean. Processor embedded in the cellphone was great enough that 1.7 GHz dual-core Krait CPU 200, 400 Snapdragon chipset, Adreno 305 GPU. And if you like photography you will be satisfied with 8 MP, up to 3264 x 2448 pixel pictures, Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection camera with LED flash.

Very interesting isn’t it? Samsung has once again demonstrated his prowess.

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Special gift for our friendship

I really want to buy a tablet as a birthday gift for you. Could you willing to accept the gift? Since our argument last year, we never communicate again. I want to fix our broken relationship. Could we be friends again? I’m very sorry for the incident at the time. I sincerely want to apologize. I’m so sorry for all my mistakes. Please, let’s be friends again like before.

That is the expression of remorse that you have to tell me. I’m confused where to begin this relationship has been destroyed. But if you want to give me a tablet, I would gladly accept. But on one condition, it must be the best tablet. I want  best tablets 2014. Would you buy one for me?

In the end, we will be reunited as before. Undergoing a beautiful friendship that is without end. I just want everything restored as before. Hopefully the elapsed time will make us more mature.

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The importance of a cover case

We certainly expect the tablet that we have always been in a state of safe and functioning properly. We certainly want our tablets remain durable in all conditions and situations. But unfortunately, the tablet is a weak object. When we accidentally dropped the tablet into the floor or hard impact, the tablets could be seriously damaged. Tablets can be crushed we cannot even work anymore.

Therefore, the presence of a protective cover becomes very important. Given a cover of the case, then our tablet will be protected from bumps and scratches. We do not need to be alarmed because the tablets are protected and safe. In fact, with this cover case we can take the tablet in the sit position so add our comfort in using it.

One of case cover for tablet that I like is IVSO Slim Smart Cover Case. This case cover is devoted to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 tablet Pro. This is just an example. If you possessed a tablet with a different brand would not be able to use this case, but at least you will understand the importance of a cover case.

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My son was able to play the tablet

I still remember when my son really wants to buy a tablet. He always asked me at any time. He even promised to study harder if the future can have a tablet. Actually I wanted to buy my son a tablet to fulfill his desire. But to be honest I’m still confused and uncertain as to whether to buy a tablet as a right decision because I think my son is still too small. He was only six years old. I should have bought him a toy that is simple and suitable to the needs of children her age.

And it turns out there is one thing that is surprising me. It turns out though still small; my son could use the tablet properly. I bought her Acer Iconia tablet with Android operating system. My son just cannot operate any applications and games there, but he could download his own toys that he likes.

Well son, that’s the best tablet 2014 that a father can give me. Have fun…

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Fortunately, I had a tablet

Suddenly the lights in this room die. Wow, this is serious. I tried to turn on the lights but could not. I cannot work anymore. Though there is a lot of work I need to finish. If it continues like this all day all of my work can be undone.

I took my favorite tablet. Since I could not use the computer, I was forced to use this tablet. I can still make an article with this tablet. It’s better than I did not work at all. Nowadays there are a lot of tasks that must be done by me. Some of my clients waiting for designs which I’m doing. Ah, really boring.

There is a lot of work to be done. I do not know if at the end of this month I could finish it all. I’m waiting for the end of this month. There is a bill whose value is quite large. Tolerable. I could be tens of thousands of dollars from an online business. The plan I want to buy a best tablet 2014 in order to support my work.

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Lenovo IdeaTab A1000L review

To be able to have a quality tablet, in fact we do not have to spend large amounts of money. Lenovo, a fairly famous gadget manufacturer has created a cool tablet at an affordable price. Lenovo IdeaTab A1000L is a 7 inch tablet that you can consider when trying to buy a tablet.

The tablet is equipped with the operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, MTK 8317 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor, and 8GB of flash memory. The battery on this tablet can last up to 7 hours. Until now, this tablet has been getting a good reception from customers as it has been shown in There are 94 reviews with an average 3.8 star. It shows that most of the customers are quite satisfied with this product. Well, wait for me in the next review on the best tablet 2014.

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